The Worshipful Society of Free Masons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters,
Paviors, Plaisterers and Bricklayers (The Operatives)

An invitational body dedicated to the preservation of the history and
workings of operative guild masonry.

United States of America Region
2017-18 Officers
and Grand Assemblage Officers in the Region
Deputy Grand Master Mason Rt.W.Bro. George R. Haynes VIIš
& Senior Past Master  
Asst. Grand Treasurer Rt.W.Bro. A. Lindsay Rowland VIIš
Deputy Master Mason of Rt.W.Bro. George R. Haynes VIIš
The Ancient Drama  
Deputy Master Masons VIš  
East Rt.W.Bro. William J. Glassmire VIIš
West Rt.W.Bro. Jackie W. Matthews VIIš
South Rt.W.Bro. D. Allen Surratt VIIš
Deputy Master Mason Vš Rt.W.Bro. Donald L. McAndrews VIIš
R. Deputy J. W.Bro. Michael A. Smitson VIš
R. Deputy B. W.Bro. Wayne C. Faupel VIš
R. Super Intendent of the Work Rt.W.Bro. Aaron R. White VIIš
R. Clerk W.Bro. Alan R. Beidel VIš
R. Treasurer Wy.Bro. E. Oscar Alleyne
R. Bursar W.Bro. Jason W. Lotz VIš
R. F.C.S.F. Representative W.Bro. Michael P. Rowan VIš